Want to volunteer at Allen County Parks?

We would love to have you!!!!

We need volunteers for all kinds of activities, be it
program help, maintenance help, removal of invasive
species, filling bird feeders, small construction projects, hosts/hostess, anything you’d like to do!!

All potential volunteers for the Allen County Parks
Department must complete a volunteer application
before volunteering. A link to this application can be
found at our website on the Volunteer in the Allen
County Parks page.

What's Happening at Metea County Park?

To view a complete and up-to-date list of activities occurring at Metea Park, please see the Wild Grapevine, available at the Allen County Parks website.

Fourth Friday Night Hike

June 26, Friday, 9 PM, Metea County Park

Enjoy natural fireworks by lightning beetles (fireflies, lightningbugs) and learn about their complicated lives.

$2.00 per person, call 449-3777 for reservations.

“Sun & Son” Hike

June 21, Sunday, 2 PM, Metea County Park

2 points
Our combination Summer Solstice and Father’s Day event.

Join us as we find out about what makes this day special for the sun and the father as we learn about daytime astronomy (Our Mr. Sun) and how wild animal families are different from our own. Bring your dad along!

$2.00 per person, register at 449-3777

Best Friends Dog Hike

June 12, Friday, 7 PM, Metea County Park

For Dog Owners: Join your host dog Jacey (a.k.a. Schmoogie) as we explore the areas of the park open to our best friends and how to use these areas in the best way.

All dogs must be on leash and able to play well with other dogs. Also learn about our wild canids (foxes, coyotes, wolves).

Program fee $2.00 per dog (owners free – one per paying dog). Call 449-3777 to reserve your place.

For Dogs: Arf arf woof yip bark!

Preschool Adventures – Insects

June 11, Thursday, 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM, Metea County Park Nature Center

Join Metea naturalist, Karie Divelbiss-Harding as we take a stroll through the prairie and learn about the insects that live there. We will read a book, have a craft & snack and try to find the interesting creatures that live in the prairie.

$3.00 per child, $2.00 per adult partner (partner required). Please pre-register by JUNE 8 by calling 449-3777 or emailing kharding@allencountyparks.org. Minimum of 5 participants for the program to run.