Want to volunteer at Allen County Parks?

We would love to have you!!!!

We need volunteers for all kinds of activities, be it
program help, maintenance help, removal of invasive
species, filling bird feeders, small construction projects, hosts/hostess, anything you’d like to do!!

All potential volunteers for the Allen County Parks
Department must complete a volunteer application
before volunteering. A link to this application can be
found at our website on the Volunteer in the Allen
County Parks page.

What's Happening at Metea County Park?

To view a complete and up-to-date list of activities occurring at Metea Park, please see the Wild Grapevine, available at the Allen County Parks website.

Ten Things to Do for Fall Bird Feeding

By Ron Divelbiss

  1. Thoroughly clean all your bird feeders. Repair any loose perches and weak corners. rickety feeders that may have held up to light summer traffic need to be in tip top shape for the busy season.
  2. Invest in new feeders. You can never have too many. Buying a suet feeder, nut feeder, or another specialty type that you don’t already have.
  3. In September set up an oriole feeder for migratory nectar-drinking birds and woodpeckers.
  4. Inspect remaining stored seeds. If you find seeds that are infested with insects use them as fast as possible. Do not get any new seeds till these are gone. Clean out your bird seed storage bins and wash with bleach water to kill insect eggs. Stock storage bins with fresh seeds. Take advantage of fall seed sales to stock up. Buy in quantity and save.
  5. Replace suet bags and old suet with new blocks or chunks.
  6. Spread a 2-inch thick layer of wood chips under your feeders.
  7. Fall is a good time to add more bird friendly shrubs in your back yard.
  8. Take a walk in a rural area, or along a country road and collect ripe berries, the fruit of the sumac, weed seeds, nuts, and acorns. These can be stored and used for the early arrivals in the spring. Its fun to go for a quiet walk or take a family collecting outing.
  9. Hunt for the birdbath heater. Remove fallen leaves from the birdbath daily.
  10. Set up a small salt block to attract finches, siskins, and other such birds.

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